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Our hope is that by supporting and following us you will grow in holiness. We pray that our content will encourage you to strive for the fruits of the Holy Spirit which we see in Galatians 5. The patron tiers are titled by these fruits. The English is on top and Latin is below. For more information regarding Goal Videos, click here

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* These will be provided after 3 months of support

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We are honored that you would consider becoming a patron. Hear why your support could help bring souls closer to Christ in this short video!

Goal Videos

100 Patrons

When we reach 100 patrons, we will make the video on how

Ann Marie and I met.

200 Patrons

When we reach 200 patrons, I will analyze the particles of the host lost during the distribution of Holy Communion.

300 Patrons

When we reach 300 patrons, I will make the video on the tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe from a scientific perspective.  

400 Patrons

When we reach 400 patrons, I will make a video series on miracles ranging from healings to incorrupt saints.  

12 Patrons

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